Blue Ridge Bujinkan Dojo

Class Times / Training Session Breakdown

Class Time:

Saturday 10am-12pm 


Training Sessions last 2 hours 3 times a week.

The first part of a training session begins with Taihenjutsu. Taihenjutsu loosely translates as "body skills" and is made up of rolling, breakfalls, leaping and tumbling, and movement drills. Taihenjutsu is the basis of all of our Taijutsu (combat body arts) studied in the Bujinkan Dojo. We then move on to basic striking with the 16 different "fists". This allows the practitioner to learn the proper way to deliver strikes while using different footwork, distances, timing, and angles. We will usually spend at least 30-45 minutes on Taihenjutsu and 30-45 minutes on Dakentaijutsu (basic striking).

The next part of training focuses on a certain theme during the training session. This theme might be a certain technique, scenario, training tool (we call weapons tools) or a specific feeling/spirit set. This part of training will last until the end of the training session.

Students are expected to take what they have learned and practice at home in order to teach their body, mind, and spirit the feeling associated with what they have learned so that the movements and techniques become natural... like walking.

Requirements for Joining

If interested in training please contact Sensei George. Contact info is at the bottom of this page. 

Below are the minimum requirements to be accepted into our training group. 

Just meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission.


Requirements for joining the Dojo

No Police Record

18 years old or older

Good physical and mental health


Must have read and adhere to the Bujinkan Guidlines @


Please provide the following information when contacting Sensei George:


Name, age, occupation, why do you wish to train in the Bujinkan? Why do you want to train with our Dojo? What do you hope to get from the training?


Thank you.

Contact Info

For information about training please call or email Sensei Kevin George II

*** Please do not show up to training without first contacting Sensei George by either phone or email.

*** Please read all of the information on the Joining/Class & Contact Info page before contacting Sensei George.

Phone: 317-450-8668